RheumMadness Podcast

11. Steroids & MSK Scouting Reports

March 17, 2021 RheumMadness Season 1 Episode 11
RheumMadness Podcast
11. Steroids & MSK Scouting Reports
Show Notes

In this episode, we read the scouting reports on the teams in the steroids & MSK regions of the tournament.  Feel free to skip this episode if you've already read the reports.  Find the reports and learn more about RheumMadness here: https://sites.duke.edu/rheummadness/

Scouting reports included in this episode:

  • SEMIRA, written by the Allegheny Health Network Adult Rheumatology Fellowship Program; Osman Bhatty MD, Padmini Parameswaran MD, Christon Grant MD, Mohamed Tageldin, MD, Michael Lucke, MD
  • Harms of Short Term Steroids, written by the University of Kentucky Adult Rheumatology Fellowship Program; Amna Batool, Susan Mansourian, Elise McVeigh, Saurav Suman, Kristine Lohr
  • UK Frost for Frozen Shoulder, written by C. Allen Witt (RheumMadness Leadership Team)
  • PT vs. GC Injection for Knee OA, written by the Oschner Medical Center Adult Rheumatology Fellowship Program; Dr. Ronak Patel, Dr. Chad Hille, and Dr. Chandana Keshavamurthy

Intro and Outro music:
Cheery Monday by Kevin MacLeod
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